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Good music, written with a dancing heart & a singing soul. Sometimes sexy, sometimes deep and sometimes just rude. Depending on the current creative mood; mostly singing, from time to time rapping, or both. But for sure always real, always myself, always EEVal...
Alba Valéria Gähler aka «EEVal» wanted to be a singer, dancer and an actress since she was a little girl. But singing is and probably always will be her biggest passion of all.
1986 the little live wire came to Switzerland (Schmerikon, SG and now living next to Winterthur, ZH) with her and Brazilian mom Swiss dad. EEVal and her mom learned to speak German and integrated themselves pretty well. The little half Brazilian girl was getting more and more into music. She felt so inspired by Whitney Houston, that she taught herself English at the age of 11, so that she was able to sing Whitney’s songs correctly and understand all the words.
But still, Alba Valéria Gähler also wanted to become a professional jazz dancer, just like her mother. So she started to combine her passions. She sang out loud in her bedroom and put together choreographies to songs of NKOTB and Paula Abdul. She raped to songs of LL Cool J, danced and prayed to songs from MC Hammer.
1998 – 2000 EEVal was discovered by dance instructor Kinda Guzzetta dancing and singing on the dance floor of a club in Zurich. Kinda could see the talent and asked Alba to join her show group. From then on she performed as singer and dancer of K-Dance Academy (Nussbaumen, AG) all over Switzerland in various public as well as private events, even in Gran Canary.
2001 The singer and songwritter participated in the very first Pop Stars casting in Zurich. She was the first candidate (No. 5, her lucky number) that could convince the jury with her strong soul voice. But she didn’t fit into the wanted pop star format. Shortly afterwards, EEVal had her first solo performance in Germany with a her very first own Lyrics she wrote on Warren G’s cover “What’s love go to do with it” from Tina Turner.
2002 - 2005 EEVal formed the performance crew Naissance together with two of her girl friends. They combined dancing, singing and acting with covered and own songs in one show. As singer and dancer of Naissance various performances followed all over Switzerland. Highlight for the crew was being the support act of stars like, Mario Winans, Ginuwine and Eric Sermon. As Naissance broke up, EEVal started to concentrate on her singing carrier only and was booked as support act for different Swiss artists. In April 2005 her demo song „Boy Meets Girl“ convinced the jury of M4Music. With this title she won (by then as ShortEE, her artist name until 2010) the Adcom Award of Demotape Clinic at the M4Music Festival 2005 for the «urban» category, as well as a voucher for the cd pressing at Adcom Production AG.
2006 The artist achieved the dream of an own cd. March 2006, she released as ShortEE her EP „The First Step“ in a CD release party at the K5 Club in Zurich. After that she had various private and public gigs.
2007 – 2009 She sang together with another Swiss artist a Song on NazB’s album. With the rapper, who’s originally from Nigeria, they’ve also recorded a successful video to the song “Around the world”. After the release of the single, EEVal performed the song with NazB on seveal events, for example as support act of Naughty by Nature in Winterthur. Another project was a featuring with Yaw Boso for this song "Way to the cross" , which was published 2010 on the Album Beat Ministry - Beatlehem Vol. 2. The singer kept on working on her music, wrote new songs and recorded a demo cd. From then on she was inactive for a while.
2010 EEVal recorded her single “I’m sorry” to which she has shoot a music video in November to her own written script with the director Tascha B. The song as well as the video are a dedication to a loved person who she’ve lost by a tragic car accident in the year 2000.
2011 On February 2011, EEVal has successfully celebrated the release of her single “I’m sorry” and its music video at Club Mascotte in Zurich! The single has three different versions. The acoustic version of the song has been played on Swiss radios almost every day and various private and public shows followed. 2011 EEVal also did a featuring with Rapper 45 Degré for his song "Treat me", which was published on his album "Caméléon". In that summer, EEVal’s been asked to work with Switzerland’s most successful DJane, Tatana. At the B-Note Studio from hit producer, Ben Mühlethaler in Bern, the song “On fire” was recorded. This song which EEVal wrote and sang, is on Tatana’s last album "Heart". At Sixday-Nights Zurich, they also did performe it live at Hallenstadion.
2012 EEVal joined Tatana on several other gigs, like for example, Street Parade 2012. She performed on other public and private gigs, as she also sings in weddings from time to time. EEVal planed to record an album, but then she thought it was not the right time yet. So she worked and still is working on new songs, which she wants to release first on Itunes one after the other. One of these songs has been recorded at the B-Note Studio in Bern and will be released on December 2012. The song called "Back off" is different than the other songs she’s done before. It shows another side of EEVal, let’s call it, her evil side…
2013 A new year, and new projects... In June EEVal released her single "Nobody" and attended to different public and private events. Among others, she also had a performance at Züri Fäscht as guest singer of the wonderful Brasilian singer, Valeria Eva, at the Caliente stage.
And once again, there is something new from EEVal. This time, a touching song with a message "No more war" , which will be released soon. But before that, the song has been subscribed to the Eurovision Song Contest platform of SRF. That's something she always wanted to do. Maybe she was just waiting for the right song...